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We are a small family run business based in Worksop, Nottinghamshire and is run by myself, Annie and partner Harry, and we've have been trading online since 2006. We don't have a shop that you can visit, but we do send your items to you very quickly. UK customers can usually expect them within a day or two.

How it all began...

Around 2003, I (Annie) was diagnosed the osteoarthritis and couldn't go out to work. I was waiting for two hip replacements, and though in agony moving about, sitting behind my computer posed no problem at all. Not wanted to be bored all day, I started doing online competitions to pass the time and won quite a few small prizes. Mostly DVDs. I'd watch them and if I didn't want to keep them I'd auction them online. I wanted to buy a couple of cheap pendants, and found that if I bought a few it worked out even cheaper. Not wanted to keep the whole half dozen, I auctioned the rest off. It seemed like a good idea to buy more and do the same. The profit accumulated little by little. The types of things I bought and sold changed. I went from cheap pendants to tarot cards and then to lingerie and in early 2006 we had our first website designed and sold lingerie and jewellery on it.

A year of so later I saw some T Shirts by The Mountain® when on holiday in Cornwall and thought they looked amazing. The picture quality was better than any other T Shirts I'd ever seen, and the colours and fabrics were gorgeous. I knew then what I wanted to sell. Over the years the range of designs we stock has grown and will continue to grow as The Mountain® bring new ones out. We've had the website redesigned three times now to keep up with technology, and have recently launched this, our fourth one as it was necessary for mobile phones.

...and that's the story of Paradise Pretty.


We select your packaging to suit your item. We try to keep it minimal, while at the same time ensuring that it will protect your purchase.

Please help the environment and save yourself money by opening packaging carefully so you can reuse it. If you need to return anything, please try and use the packaging it was sent in.

If you need to return a T Shirt, it's important to make sure it's less than 2.5cm thick - the Royal Mail will class that as a Large Letter. If it's over that, then it's very expenisve to post as it will then be classed as a Small Parcel. The difference in cost is staggering!

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